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Historicorps Job

If you’ve got some building knowledge but are excited to get a hands-on chance to learn more, as well as lead crews and live in the backcountry which repairing historic buildings, check out this job opportunity with HistoriCorps.

Crew Leader

Post Internship Practicum

Have you taken an intensive natural building workshop? An intensive workshop is quite fantastic to get your feet on the ground in the world of natural building but certainly leaves you wanting more. Perhaps you spent sometime interning with a builder or playing in the dirt on your own but are ready for the next step.

Stevan De La Rosa, a professional natural builder from Mexico, has an opportunity for folks looking to take it to a higher level. He is offering a Post-Internship Practicum that will take place in Northern Mexico and will be 2 months long. He intends on hosting two sessions (Fall & Winter).  You can check out the flier below for further details and contact him directly with questions.