About Common Earth

Founded in Jan 2014, Common Earth was created by a group of folks interested in seeing natural building become more commonplace. The majority of our members are located in the Colorado Front Range and we continue to connect and partner with natural builders all over Colorado and beyond. Driven from a member base with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and cultures, Common Earth is actively creating a new model of how we build and relate with our spaces and each other.

Mission Statement:

Rooted in the heart of Colorado, Common Earth is an evolving collective that designs, creates and revitalizes the urban core through natural building. We advocate for, teach, and inspire generative building practices that improve livelihoods and relations.


We envision a world of engaging, bountiful environments created by and for communities.


  • Humble Inquiry: We approach relationships and knowledge with a tenderfoot.
  • Mistakes as Assets: The craftsman has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.
  • Shared Knowledge as Power.
  • Generative Patterns as measuring sticks.
  • Levity, Joy and Humor as Anchors: Life is too short to be taken so seriously.
  • Craftsmanship as Ideal: It is hard to get it right every time, but it can always be corrected.
  • Interdependence.