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Solar Oven Design/Build

Join the Women of Common Earth for their second workshop, how to design and build a solar oven. If you missed the August lesson on tool use, a lot of those elements will be covered here, so don’t hesitate to sign up! In this session, you’ll learn about how to use the power of the sun to bake and cook your own food, and get a chance to design and build your own.

All are welcome, with those who have felt excluded in any way in building projects in the past especially encouraged to attend.

Denver Permaculture Guild Members get a $10 discount on this workshop!

Earth Day Recap

Thanks to everyone who came by our table at Union Station as part of Denver’s Earth Day Celebration. We talked with a load of folks about natural building on the Front Range, baked an absurd amount of cookies in the Colorado Straw Bale Association’s solar oven, and had a fantastic time. Check out some of the photos below!

On Saturday & Sunday, we had a work party at Tonita Young’s home. We built a cob bench school bus stop that is now ready for plaster. After slinging all the cob, we had a delicious dinner with all of her neighbors followed by some street luging with the neighborhood kids! Photos below and info on the bench plaster party here.