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Bus Stop Cob Bench Tadelakt Work Party

Come help plaster the final coat on the cob bench we built on a school bus stop corner in Arvada. We’re gonna do a hands-on tadelakt plaster lesson – learning by doing! For those who haven’t heard of it, tadelakt is a Moroccan technique for creating a durable, smooth, and water resistant plaster layer. We’ll have a block party trailer with games and fun, bring clothes you can get dirty, a water bottle, and sun protection.

A Night with Tadelakt

Long ago, The Moroccans developed a technique for making lime plasters waterproof so they could be used to seal sink basins, showers, water tanks, fountains, and other applications. Not only does this technique make your lime plaster waterproof, but it is also quite beautiful. One might go as far as to say that tadelakt is the “cadillac of natural plasters.” This mini-workshop will give participants  an idea of the tadelakt process and you’ll go home with a small demonstration that you’ve created yourself. As the process is time-sensitive, arriving on time is extraordinarily important.

We’d like to offer this one for free but as there are a good bit of materials involved we are asking for a small donation.

Location will be in Denver. Exact location to be announced soon.

Tadelakt Sample Balls